dismantle every single person and institution that has ever told the families and communities of murdered black children to calm down and behave.

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Ok look I understand our President has a lot on his plate and a million and one things to do but I’m sorry he needs to speak up on the war that is taking place on black people here in America. I mean the Ferguson police department is straight up TERRORIZING THE FUCK OUT BLACK PEOPLE AND NO ONE IS DOING A DAMN THING ABOUT IT AND IT’S TRULY HEARTBREAKING LIKE BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA SHOULD NOT HAVE TO GO THROUGH TRAUMATIC SHIT LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why in the hell would the Brown family hire the same attorney who represented the Trayvon Martin family??




why can’t hurricane names be culturally diverse

hurricane muhammad

hurricane shaniqua 

hurricane nguyen 

because white people destroy everything.


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If this isn’t the biggest dichotomy in black culture…we’ve got our brave black men and women protesting the ill-advised and unprovoked shootings of our young black brothers…juxtaposed with our cowardly black boys bashing our brown and black-skinned sisters.
The day blacks actually come together as a people again…


this actually made me cry tho

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"Luck" is a concept invented by the weak to explain their failures.